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High standard and high price

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Today's program, we'll talk about agricultural standardization. Botou City, Hebei Province, is the famous "land of pear", where almost all kinds of families of Yali Pear and many friends in the farmer's family income is mainly by selling pears. However, the same kind of pear, the benefit is a significant difference. Some people can receive 4000 yuan minimum acres of pear, and an acre of land and some people have less than 1000 yuan. Why is the difference so big? First, let's talk about the market.
Reporters came to the Hebei city of Botou Province, is the pear harvest season, when farmers are busy is a kind of pear. Kind of pear farmers have put their pear transported to markets, in a roadside market, our price of pear were understood.
Hebei city of Botou province pear growers told reporters, people come to collect the pear is fifty pounds, a bag is only a piece of money.
So with a big bag of pears only sell one yuan is cheap the, under the prestigious Botou pear prices turned out to be so cheap, really is a bit beyond our expectations. So we made a further understanding. Find the market for sale of pear are uneven size, fruit shape not inferior pear. But the real quality of Botou pear are not in the market. But from the edge of a farm was directly acquired businesses, under the advice of local farmers, our reporter found a large local fruit distribution enterprise,
Botou City, Hebei Province, Oriental fruit company Guo, general manager said that they export to the United States Wal mart of pear, in the United States market retail price is six dollars a box, a dollar a pear.
The eight years of trading in the pear joint tells us, like pear acquired from farmers, per kilogram of at least 1.6 yuan, is also a kilos of pears, roadside market sell is 4 cents, the acquired company is 1.6 yuan, difference of 40 times, what is the reason for the price difference in so far?
The United States on our pear a is fruit shape, color, moisture content and hardness of each a index, are used to realize the digital, so that to be able to enter to the high standards of the country, mainly is to take a fancy to the quality of pear, because our pear quality have a unified standard, a high standard.
While the city is on the side of rotten pear, pear into the international famous big supermarket. Is the same kind of pear, also in Botou City, so why is there such a big contrast? We'll go to the orchard to see a look.
These old trees are not the implementation of standardized management, management and more extensive, disease more, this kind of pear now basic SCO a minute of money a Jin, basically the price equal to white, like, a year without any benefits.
This is our in front to take the small wholesale market on pear origin, due to the aging of the pear tree, resulting in pear are of poor quality, bad city is not surprising.
High standard bring the high quality, but also to the joint and he led the thousands of households of Pear Farmers tasted the high efficiency, in the meantime on a few years ago, the standard of for them is strange of, 1996 that sell pear to their turning point.
In fact it is in Botou to sell pear pear farmers worry about to cut down a tree in 1996, the international market is the shortage of pear.
Botou pear production and standardization is promoted by the government in the beginning, then like Guo Yusen such leading enterprises play the role of leader.
Farmers say the standardized production in fact is not complicated, as long as the enterprises to formulate the unified standard, under the guidance of technical staff unified planting, unified management, production of pear quality can significantly improve, prices are not low.
It is understood, Botou now has 102000 acres of pear standardized production, led to more than 40 villagers' income.
When standardized production of Hebei Botou pear sold in the United States of America, in the city of Penglai in Shandong peninsula a wine grape standard technology also in promotion, with most new technologies like the beginning of time also is full of contradictions.
Sugar degree determines the quality of wine grape. The higher the degree of sugar, the higher the quality of grapes, the main purpose of the implementation of standardized production is to increase the sugar content of the grapes, but at first the farmers do not think so.
Past farmers to plant grapes, are not in accordance with the standard to do, what is quick, with what pesticides, what can improve the yield, pesticide, fertilizer. Now they use pesticides fertilizer should be according to the standard, especially the grape yield, a acres of vineyards more than 25000 pounds.
The standard of corporate acquisition is high in sugar grapes, farmers themselves are high standards of production, the standard in the end who said it?
Yantai COFCO Winery Co., Ltd. Yang Fengguang told reporters, to achieve their quality requirements more than 16 degrees, can give a protective price, regardless of how much the market price, they are in accordance with the price of 6.6 yuan per Jin, the lowest protective price to you.
And farmers' high yield of grapes due to low sugar content, the price can only be sold to half of the protective price, but also sales difficulties. Market price is the implementation of the standardization of wine grapes, the standard or the market said the calculation.
Before the implementation of standardized production, the yield per mu grape is 2000 kilograms, but the price per kilogram of grapes is only 0.4 yuan, income of per mu grape is 800 yuan. And the implementation of standardized production, although the per mu yield of half of the low, 1000 kilograms, but per kilogram of grapes minimum can sell to 1.32 yuan, so the income per mu grape

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