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The production base of pollution-free pear - Botou City

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Botou City is renowned Chinese and foreign pear Tianjin main producing areas and its cultivation has a long history, planted a large area, high yield, excellent strains, unique flavor, taste good, exports large known, known as China "pear town" reputation. Since the 2001 two years by the Ministry of Agriculture Organization of no pollution pear production base of acceptance, the city began full implementation of the standardization of the production of pollution-free, implementation of no pollution pear production technology rules, in order to create the city without pollution pear production base work well implemented, the city do following several aspects of work:
One, to strengthen leadership, improve the system
1 the establishment of non pollution production and leadership organization
The city is to ensure pollution-free production smooth implementation of pear, strengthen the leadership of pollution pear production, the establishment of the mayor for the head of the, vice mayor in charge of agriculture deputy head, Department of agricultural, forestry, science and technology, finance, technical supervision, industry and commerce, bank, credit cooperatives and other political leaders as a member of the city, there is no hazards has pear production and standardization of the leading group. Implement the responsibility mechanism of the administrative responsibility, in charge of deputy chief of the specific work. Departments at all levels to take the common management, and give full play to their functions. To create a good environment for the development of fruit production. And establish and perfect technical service network: composed of city and township two level professional and technical personnel and village of science and technology, deputy director of the technology promotion service network is established to ensure implementation of the promotion of pollution-free pear production technology standardization.
2 system and management methods for the production of non pollution agricultural products
In order to ensure the implementation of the production of pollution-free agricultural products from the system, we are on the basis of the relevant notice and management methods of the higher level of the city, and formulate relevant notification and management measures. Such as: "Botou pesticide management and use management approach", "Botou City fertilizer management approach", "Botou City, pollution-free agricultural production management approach", etc.. Also City Agriculture Bureau law enforcement brigade, in-depth fruit production area, on the city's agricultural means of production, production and management departments and farmers behavior regulation, prohibited the sale and use of high pesticide residues and does not meet the requirements of environmental protection of chemical fertilizer, to ensure the standardization of the implementation of pollution pear production.
Two. The formulation of standards, norms of pollution-free pear production
The city to regulate the pollution-free pear production combined with the national industry and Hebei Province relevant local standards, according to the natural conditions of Botou City developed the Botou City no pollution pear production technology standardization rules "," pollution-free pear production standards "and the pollution-free pear standardized production and practical technology" manual, so that no pollution agricultural products with a unified standard.
Three. Strengthen the propaganda, carry out a comprehensive technical training of pollution-free pear production
In our city in the implementation of pollution-free pear production, first of all do a good job no pollution agricultural products knowledge and production technology promotion, open up the Botou agriculture "column, using the TV campaigns without pollution related knowledge and production technology. Issued pollution-free pears, vegetables and other promotional materials and more than 10 million copies, the Handbook of the pollution-free pear production technology "3 million copies sent to the hands of each fruit, organization of professional and technical backbone composed of science and technology to the countryside service team, in-depth orchard technical guidance, training courses organized and general training for non polluted standardization pear production in the project area the majority of growers, non polluted standardization production technology truly known.
Four. To do a good job of the quality inspection of non pollution production
To ensure pollution-free pear production, with the full support of the city government, by the Municipal Bureau of agriculture in 2001 established Botou City pollution-free agricultural products testing center, configuration of pesticide residues and nitrite speed measuring instrument, is responsible for the city's no pollution agricultural product quality detection of origin. Through the our city 14 batches of pear, melons, vegetables and other 31 varieties 320 samples were detected, in line with the non pollution quality index accounted for 89%. Has established the non pollution agricultural product inspection file, has played the role of agricultural production supervision and guidance.
Five. Establish base, establish brand image
Establishment of standard of social effects of pollution of orchard, the implementation of the operation mechanism of "company + base + farmers", base without pollution standardization orchard strict implementation of the "six uniform technical standards for management: namely unified pruning; unified fertilization watering; uniform thinning; unified bagged Yali pear; integrated pest control; picking unified storage. At present, Botou has established 141 pollution-free standardized orchard area of 100000 mu, accounting for the city's area of 40% pear trees. The implementation of standardized management of the base, the pear fruit quality goods rate reached more than 90%, 600 - 800 yuan per mu income. Botou City, Oriental Fruit Co., Ltd. Yujiao "Jinma" two brand in 2001 won the title of International Agricultural Expo brand-name products. 60% pollution-free standardized orchard is located in foreign fruit distribution business location registration orchard, order orchard or determine the orchard, sold to the United States, Canada, Australia and Southeast Asia and other markets.
Pear exports in 2003 3 million tons, export delivery value of $20 million, accounting for 50% of total exports the pear is the pillar industry of the city. In 2001, Botou was identified as the National Agricultural Department of agriculture and the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and the Botou Oriental Fruit Co., Ltd. was identified as a model enterprise of national horticultural export.

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