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Botou Oriental Fruit Co., Ltd. through HACCP certification

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Recently, Botou City, Oriental Fruit Company by the national import and export enterprises Accreditation Council for certification of food safety management system certification HACCP, which is in Cangzhou first obtained the certification of fruit enterprises.
It is understood that HACCP is "hazard analysis and critical control point" English abbreviation, is a control hazard preventive system and on a specific food production process of identification evaluation and control of a system method for food protection against biological, chemical and physical hazards management tool, is the world recognized food safety and quality management system by the each link of the whole process of food hazard analysis, find out the critical control point, adopt effective measures of prevention and control means, so that the risk factors to a minimum. HACCP certification is to enter the United States and the European Union and other developed countries, and regional market passes.
Oriental Fruit Company is Botou City fruit industry leading enterprises, with area of 20000 acres, deserves a 5000 farmers "orchards" and covers an area of 1500 acres of "boutique orchard". They take the industrialization and standardization of production of pear, the company responsible for the production and technical guidance, farmers in accordance with the standard of technical specification for production, unified management of water and fertilizer, uniform trimming, unified disease and pest control, unity of artificial pollination, bagging unified, unified picking, under the tree pear like industrial products of "standard" as quality stability to green and non pollution production standards. Rely on high quality, their production of "golden pear" to become the market "Darling", in the province took the lead to enter the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Union and other market. In 2004, the company exports 12000 tons pear, several consecutive years ranked first in Hebei province.

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