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Botou Oriental Fruit Co., Ltd. through gap global certification

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Recently, Hebei Botou Oriental Fruit Co., Ltd smoothly through the by the Dutch accreditation bodies and the China Certification & Inspection Group Audit Group Global GAP certification, become of Hebei Province, the first through the certification of enterprises, which marks the Cangzhou fruit from open the European market, the "door".
It is understood that global gap is the major European retailers provisions in agricultural production reached good agricultural practice minimum standards, and the establishment of integrated pest control and crop management scenarios, is to ensure the sustainable development of agricultural industry standard system. In order to meet the needs of agricultural products export and production enterprises, China's inspection and Certification Group and the Holland certification body launched the gap global certification program.
Botou Oriental Fruit Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in fruit and vegetable production, processing, storage and export sales, with standardized orchard of 3 million mu, its products, Kinmen and Matsu brand pear have been sold to more than 10 countries such as the United States and Canada, and successfully broke into the world's largest retailer - United States of Wal Mart, annual sales of fresh pear more than 20000 tons. In April this year, Oriental fruit proposed global GAP certification application, audit group by the fruit tree planting, pest damage prevention, pesticide residue monitoring and other aspects to conduct a comprehensive audit, finally passed the authentication.

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