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Hebei Shijiazhuang City, and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables

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Shijiazhuang city vegetable industry by planting structure optimization, promotion and application of new technology, new varieties, the development of high-quality nursery facilities, construction of standardized production of vegetables, and constantly improve the quality of vegetables, the city's vegetable, melon and fruit production into the new normal, steady growth.
The total output of vegetables increased steadily. According to statistics, a quarter of vegetables in our city total area sown to 50.1 million acres (the data containing Xinji, the same below), than last year decrease over the same period 0.01 million mu, reduce 0.21%, 33.9 kg per mu of vegetables, than last year increase over the same period 57 kg, an increase of 1.7%, vegetable production 170.18_wan million tons in the, than last year increase over the same period of 2.5 million tons, an increase of 1.5%. Total vegetable production in the forefront of the province.
Vegetable production areas are becoming more concentrated. After years of unified planning and development, the city's vegetable production has gradually to the Beijing Guangzhou railway, Shide "two lines" regional advantage concentrated development, involving a total of Gaocheng, Luan City, Luquan, positive definite, Jinzhou, no pole, Fukasawa, Zhaoxian, Gaoyi, Yuanshi, Xinle, Lingshou, Xinji 13 County (District). A quarter of the total area of the county (District) vegetable planting 44.4 million mu, the total output of 1.569 million tons, which accounted for 92% of the total 88% of the total area of the city's vegetable planting and production is vegetables in our city, the main producing areas, and the formation of Gaocheng facilities sweet pepper, tomato, Gaoyi cucumber, tomato, Luancheng tomato and strawberry, no very cucumber and leek, Lingshou eating bacteria, watermelon Xinle characteristics of quality vegetables focus areas.
Vegetable production has become increasingly standardized. At present the city built provincial standard garden vegetables 60, the total area of 69000 acres, the number of provincial standard garden vegetables and Tangshan tied for first in the province, of which Gaocheng City East Lake planting professional cooperatives, Luancheng County colorful garden vegetables planting professional cooperatives and other seven standard garden column to create project of Ministry of agriculture standard garden vegetables, the Ministry of agriculture standard garden vegetables to create a number ranks first in the province. The next step will in the construction of the city's 30 municipal vegetable modern industrial park, popularize water-saving irrigation, insect nets, armyworm palette and pollution-free pesticides and other key technology, 100% planting scale, production standardization, commercialization, brand marketing and industrialization and the "5-tion" standard, the quality of the products reached the national quality and safety standards.
The quality of vegetables is becoming more and more fine. In the province took the lead in the development of a hundred thousand households without public pollution vegetable standardization demonstration project, the quality of vegetables has been improved. Through the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of agriculture, the environmental impact assessment of pollution-free agricultural production base 85, the base covers an area of about 400000 acres, 362 certified pollution-free products. The city's green food and vegetable certification enterprises reached 32, 101 certified products. Geographical indications of agricultural products certification 2, Lingshou County Mushroom and watermelon in Xinle. The city's vegetable industry pay attention to start from the health culture, green ecological, vigorously develop pollution-free vegetable production, through the pollution-free agricultural products origin and product certification for integration, enhance the grade of vegetables, cultivation of high-quality products. Take the route of "characteristics, quality and green", and realize the change from quantity oriented to quality, traditional type to the modern type, and the extensive type to the high-quality vegetable industry.

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