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From the township of mango peel tribute Guangxi Qiwang shelves

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Eating too Qiwang Guangxi, no other mans eyes. Big good news, juice and delicate and unique taste, mango in the "Fan Bingbing" tribute Tiandong, Guangxi Qixiang awn shelves Three Gorges evening rest assured purchase!. Large mango market price of 17 yuan per kilogram, 10 pounds loaded 118 yuan, what are you waiting for, soon to panic buying.
Hubei Tiandong, Guangxi Qiwang heroines, due to the winter cold, no heat of the summer of Youjiang River Valley climate advantage, this is nature of Tiandong everything favored, it even Tiandong county territory shape also with mango almost exactly the same, which indicates that the Tiandong mango Xiang Hua Tiancheng.
Endemic to Guangxi mango products peel the GUI Qixiang mango, in Guangxi local has a high visibility and reputation, the mango taste and quality requirements of the higher, mostly only love in Guangxi seven mango while ignoring the other varieties. Because of its sweet taste rich, delicate flesh is yellow, fruit juice, fiber is little, people love mans heart good.
Each year, only 7 Qixiang GUI mang August 2 months supply period, fruit is unusually short, see the precious. Many years ago, GUI Qixiang awn as extremely valuable fruit gift, basically is by the government departments as a gift or the welfare of the procurement unit, rarely directly in the market circulation, so GUI Qixiang awn also is many person a tribute to the mango.

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