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Chinese fruit planting structure is a single contradiction.

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China is a big country in the world, the total harvest area and output and the output of a variety of fruits are the first in the world, but China is not a fruit trade power. China's fruit production was 240560000 tons in 2013, 241350000 tons in 2012, the growth rate reached 0.3%.
Industry analysts pointed out: the fruit industry is the third industry of planting industry in our country, is one of the pillar industries of China's rural economic development, but single plant structure increases the market risk, and from the specific varieties, planting structure of a single contradiction is also very significant. Pear, for example, at present varieties of pear industry of our country is unreasonable three aspects: one is the lack of coordination of the proportion of fresh eating and processing varieties, planting area and yield of the former accounted for more than 95% of the national total; the second is the matching of maturity structure unreasonable, Dangshan pear, golden pears and other late maturing varieties cultivated more than offset, accounting for about one-third of the country's total output; the third is the single species, Dangshan pear, pear, snow, Jinhua has been four late maturing varieties, planting area and yield are accounted for two-thirds of the national.
Planting structure resulted in a single two risks: one is fruit maturation period is too concentrated, extremely easy to cause the excess production, leading to market sales pressure, complaining about farmers, weighed down by the government, and easy to causal cheap is hurt farming caused social contradictions. Two is to enlarge the processing capacity of the contradiction.
Fruit commercialized treatment is fruit postharvest processing and value-added process, including selection, sorting, cleaning, waxing, ripening, packaging and other links, can maximally keep the nutritive composition and the fresh program and delay the process of metabolism, prolong its storage life, achieve higher prices for better quality, obtain the maximum economic benefits.
In recent years, China's fruit product processing, although there is a big improvement, but there is still a big gap. Some growers and dealers in the commodity consciousness is not strong, treatment facilities are backward, packaging is not standard phenomenon exists generally, also in storage link also quite lags. Apple, for example, advanced countries apple storage capacity generally in more than 60% of the total output, storage methods in a controlled atmosphere storage and constant temperature storage based, postharvest commercial handling is almost 100%, apple picking to listed for sale throughout the cold chain control. And the apple store capacity of our country is only about 20% of the total output, and the commercialization rate is less than 5%.
The lag in the processing capacity of the product processing and so on, which in turn has enlarged the contradiction of the imbalance of planting structure, but also is not conducive to China's fruit to enhance the added value. Experts believe that commercialization is to promote fruit marketing, an important link to improve value-added products, but fruit industry in China have yet to be paid enough attention to, so that the fruit is not only easy to rot and due to the appearance of poor quality, in the international market lack of competitiveness, difficult to price has been effectively improved.

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