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All apple varieties in the United States of America were exported to China

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Today (the United States in January 26), the apple industry in the United States scheduled to usher in the heartening news: bilateral negotiations in San Francisco last week, the U. S. Department of agriculture animal and plant health inspection service (APHIS) and China AQSIQ to reach a consensus, agreed to open from the apple producing regions of the United States all apple varieties in the export of Chinese. After the completion of some administrative details of the new agreement, the United States, Apple's full access to China in the next few weeks will be able to officially achieve.
Since 1994, only from Washington state red PCT red delicious and golden PCT red delicious varieties allowed direct exports to mainland China. In the twenty years since 1995, the United States has been negotiating with the Chinese authorities on access to other varieties.
"Since we first got the channel in 94 years, the apple industry in Washington has changed a lot." Washington apple chairman Tod Flekhova (Fryhover Todd) stressed in a statement. "Today, red PCT red delicious and golden PCT red delicious accounted for Washington State apple production share of less than 40%, and other varieties of export license, will enable us to provide more high-quality choice for Chinese consumers."
It is worth mentioning that Washington Apple's total output in the 2014/15 quarter, a record of history, but the big harvest also means that the urgent need to open more export markets. However, since the second half of last year, both the American west coast port congestion, Russia ban on agricultural products in the United States enacted, Mexico to American Apple launched anti-dumping investigations, or global within the scope of a stronger dollar brings negative effects, the apple industry in the United States caused a certain degree of combat. Therefore, the Washington Apple Commission director will China market fully open to the apple in the United States is "a welcome window" said Chairman Barbara Walker Hall (Babara Walkenhauer).
The United States Department of agriculture is in a statement said the new breakthrough will allow a greater share of the apple in the next few months exports to China, and may make the quarter in the United States from fresh apple export volume growth of 10%. "With this new agreement, apple industry estimates, U. S. apple exports to China will in two years reached 500 annually million boxes (40 pounds per box), the value reached nearly $1 billion."
Washington Apple Commission also stressed in a statement, as the world's largest apple producer, China is also an important Apple import market. According to the data provided by the association, in market 2010-11, China imported a total of 300 million cases (40 pounds per box, is 54446 tons) of Washington apples, the value reached $55 million, to become the fourth largest export market of Washington apples.
On the other hand, in August 2012, due to fear found in red PCT red delicious and golden PCT red delicious varieties of fungi as a threat to the safety of Chinese native plants, the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine had to stop the issuance of import license. In October 2014, these two kinds of washington apple to gain access to the Chinese mainland market import channels.
It is reported that Barbara and Rio de a way to China, and domestic fresh fruit company for business negotiations and encourage them to introduce red PCT red delicious and golden PCT red delicious than other varieties in this quarter.

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