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New Zealand apple production record breaking

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In the past season, New Zealand Apple's total output of 550000 tons in 2013 to break the record, reaching 551000 tons, the export volume of China is more significant growth, the growth rate of 750%.
New Zealand pome (Pipfruit New Zealand Inc) Association of business development manager Gary Jones (Gary Jones told China's fruit portal, "this year, New Zealand apple production reached 55.1 million tons, total export volume is expected to will reach 30 million tons, of which about 1.7 million tons were shipped to the Chinese market. In 2014, the figure was only 2000 tons."
Jones said that compared with imported apples from the United States and Chile, New Zealand apple in the Chinese market has several advantages. First of all, New Zealand has exclusive apple varieties designed specifically for the Chinese market, more in line with market demand. "According to the retailer's feedback, New Zealand apple with imported from other countries to sell more than two, it is enough to prove that New Zealand apple quality is higher, shelf life longer." Second, New Zealand's food safety and product traceability system is more robust and reliable. "We have a very sophisticated production program, focus on the use of the least investment, and the most secure apple in the world. In the export process, we need to ensure that there is no quarantine on the list of pests on the list. Compared with other countries, we have done the best in this field."
New Zealand Apple's sales channels in China will increasingly turn to large-scale, a large number of retailers, export varieties are also more diverse. At present, Queen (Pacific queen apple export amount most, accounting for total 36 percent, Royal Gala (Royal Gala Apple followed, accounting for 35%. In addition, there are red rose (Rose Pacific) apple and Fuji apple, respectively, 14% and 5%, and the remaining species accounted for 10%.
According to the New Zealand Herald, the apple trees in New Zealand have 40% age less than 10 years, production will continue to increase. Jones said that the future will further enhance cooperation with the Chinese market.

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